Ramadan Special

Being a Muslim Ramadan Kareem رمضان کریم is very important month for me. So i am sharing with you Ramadan Special Recipes Package. That contain Healthy and Delicious foods, lot of snacks and other mouth watering dishes for Iftar.

Pakistani and Indian Iftar افظار and Sehri سحری recipes will be the part of my section. Light and healthy recipes for Sehri, which takes no time to ready.

Eating Great on a Careful spending plan

The test of eating great on a careful spending plan Eating a solid eating routine is essential to your psychological and passionate wellbeing just as your actual prosperity. It can have a gigantic effect to your mind-set, energy, waistline, and how well you think and feel. However, when so many …

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Garlic Noodles Recipe

Garlic Noodles

Garlic Noodles Recipe, a very easy and quick recipe. Your kids love of it. GARLIC NOODLES RECIPE (گارلک نوڈلز) A simplest ever noodles recipe, which is very rich in taste and quickly ready to eat, you can prepare it in 10 minutes. This is very tasty and most liked dish …

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Nuts and Fruit Shake Recipe

Nuts and Fruit Shake

Nuts and Fruit Shake Recipe, a very healthy drink, have lot of energy in it. Boost the the lost energy in the body. NUTS AND FRUIT SHAKE RECIPE (میوہ جات اور فروٹ ملک شیک) I often heard that “An apple a day keeps doctor away” no doubt apple is complete …

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Gur Jaggery Juice Recipe

Gur ka Juice

Gur Jaggery Juice Recipe, A very refreshing and energy booster drink in iftar menu. Gur Jaggery Juice Recipe (گڑ کا شربت) Gur ka juice, gur ka sharbat, gur ka pani a great refreshing drink. When you add lot of water in the gur and mix it, adding lime make a …

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Qeema Parcels Recipe

Qeema Parcels

Qeema Parcels Recipe, Crispy tiny box filled with mince. If you try once you will try again and again. Qeema Parcels Recipe (قیمہ پارسل ) These small minced wrapped squares (Keema Parcels) are very much tasty, healthy recipe. If you want to prepare something special in short time you can …

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Spaghetti Cheese Balls Recipe

Spaghetti Cheese Balls

Spaghetti Cheese Balls Recipe, for spaghetti lovers a crispy and tasty snack at Iftar time in the month of Ramadan. SPAGHETTI CHEESE BALLS RECIPE (سپیگھٹی چیز بالز) This recipe is gift for spaghetti lovers, this is very healthy to eat because of vegetables. This is favourite of kids, old age …

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Creamy Chicken Recipe

Creamy Chicken

Creamy Chicken Recipe, a very simple and easy recipe for very age people. CREAMY CHICKEN RECIPE (کریمی چکن) This Creamy Chicken is different kind of Chicken Tikka, which have a creamy touch and cook on the Tawa a fllatter plate locally use to cook roti or chappati. It is very …

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Chicken Fingers Recipe

Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers Recipe, is unique easy and short time recipe. Less ingredients and rich taste is key to this recipe. Chicken Fingers is very quick recipe you can make it in 15-20 minutes. Crispy and tasty in flavour, very short ingredients. CHICKEN FINGERS RECIPE (چکن فنگر) INGREDIENTS: Boneless Long Chicken …

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Chicken Fritters (Pakora) Recipe

Chicken Fritters

Chicken Fritters (Pakora) Recipe, Chicken Firtters are very crispy and tasty snack for iftar time. Chicken Fritters in simple words Chicken Pakora is very crispy snack, this is Chinese style fried fritters you will love it. CHICKEN FRITTERS (PAKORA) RECIPE چکن پکوڑا INGREDIENTS: Chicken Boneless  (250 g) چکن بون لیس …

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Chicken Bread Cones Recipe

Chicken Bread Cones

Chicken Bread Cones Recipe, Very Crispy and Tasty Snack for Iftar Time in the month of Ramadan. CHICKEN BREAD CONES RECIPE (چکن بریڈ کونز) A must try recipe Rich in taste, beautiful in look and healthy to eat. A snack that you can take on tea time as well. INGREDIENTS: …

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