Falsa Sharbat Recipe

Falsa Sharbat Recipe, Very Useful in Summer, Lot of Health Benefits

Falsa Sharbat


Falsa is available in Pakistan and India in the months of End of April to June. This is very delicate fruit; its transportation is very difficult due to its delicate nature. It has very cooling effect in the summer. Falsa drink is very useful in the summer. Falsa has lot health benefits such as

  • Good levels of Potassium.
  • Low levels of Sodium.
  • Rich in Vitamin C.
  • Phosphorus
  • Fibre
  • Calcium
  • Fruit peel has the highest antioxidant activity.
  • Fruit also offer radiation protection.



  • Falsa (500 gram) فالسہ
  • Sugar (100 gram) چینی
  • Black Salt (1 tbspn) کالا نمک
  • Salt (1 tbspn) نمک
  • Ice Cubes برف کے ٹکڑے

STEP 01: Add falsa in the bowl and wash it, add 100 gram sugar in the falsa mix it well.

STEP 02: Add 1 tbspn of Black Salt and 1 tbspn of Salt in the bowl.

STEP 03: Crush well and continuously with your hands, until the peel and seeds starting separate.

STEP 04: Add cold water in the mixture and strain it. Again add cold water in it and strain well again.

STEP 05:  Add some ice cubes in the glass and put strained juice in the glass your chill falsa sharbat is ready to drink. You can make sharbat with the help of grinder and strain it. but this is unique and authentic way to make sharbat, you can feel the taste difference.

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