Nuts and Fruit Shake Recipe

Nuts and Fruit Shake Recipe, a very healthy drink, have lot of energy in it. Boost the the lost energy in the body.

Nuts and Fruit Shake

NUTS AND FRUIT SHAKE RECIPE (میوہ جات اور فروٹ ملک شیک)

I often heard that “An apple a day keeps doctor away” no doubt apple is complete food for human. It has so many benefits for human body. Banana is also energy given fruit. Almond and dates are also source of energy and symbol of a healthy body.

Milkshake of apple with banana have great taste and touch of almond and dates provide a sweetness and crunch in the shake.


  • Fresh Milk (1 glass) تازہ دودھ
  • Banana (1) کیلا
  • Apple (1) سیب
  • Dates Soaked in Milk (4-5) کھجور
  • Almond (4-5) بادام
  • Honey (1 tbspn) شہد
  • Crushed Pistachio for Garnish پستہ
  • Ice Cubes برف


Nuts and Fruits Shake

Take one apple and one banana, peel and cut into the small pieces.

Nuts and Fruits Shake

Take 4-5 dates already soaked in the milk cut into small pieces. Take 4-5 almonds soaked in water peel the zest.

Nuts and Fruits Shake

Now add banana, apple, dates, almond in the blender.

Nuts and Fruits Shake

Now add the milk in the blender and blend it well. Make a smooth liquid. Your Nuts and Fruit Milkshake is ready to serve. Garnish with crushed pistachio and put some ice cubes if you like to drink cold.


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